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Are you a midwife or doula whose passion and dedication to your clients and their families is taking everything you’ve got?

Do you need to be able to delegate more responsibilities from your birth center so you can free up more time for clients (or time to actually recharge)?

Why your practice needs a professional bookkeeper:

Chances are, you had a passion for birth and pursued midwifery or another birth related field without all the knowledge and desire to handle all the business aspects. Supporting women and their families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a unique calling that often requires long, odd hours and demanding physical and mental strain.

Let’s be realistic, is your bookkeeping really a top priority in your business?  Do you know how to do it correctly (or have you hired office staff, hoping they can handle office needs AND know what they are doing with bookkeeping)? Do you put tracking your income and expenses off, scrambling at tax time and sweating because you can’t remember if you got all your deductible expenses captured and you are just hoping you never get audited?

Imagine a world where bookkeeping isn’t another burden on your already full plate. Imagine knowing exactly how much you are making, where your money is going each month and having the confidence to make the best decisions for your business.  A world where you don’t sweat tax time – because you know your books are up-to-date and accurate.

Focus on your strengths and passion and partner with a bookkeeping business that understands your profession (and gets it when you have to cancel an appointment at the last minute because you are headed to yet another birth!). 




What's Included

  • QuickBooks Online monthly subscription
  • Recording all income and expenses
  • Reconciling
  • Reports and personalized review so that you understand them
  • Unlimited email support
  • Collaboration with your CPA at tax time

How it Works

  • Schedule a free consultation
  • Choose the best plan for your business
  • Follow the systems we have set up to keep your bookkeeping running smoothly

What You Can Expect

Personalized Service and Care

Just like OB’s often don’t have the same opportunity to spend as much time with their pregnant patients as midwives do…. Getting the attention and caring service from many bookkeeping providers can be difficult.  We care about you, your business, and the clients YOU serve.

Package Pricing

We base our packages on your individual business needs. Know what to expect and when to expect it.

Understand Your Financial Reports

We want you to be able to use your reports to see a bigger picture of your business. Helping you understand how your business is doing so that you can make the best decisions.

Understanding and Passion

I’m passionate about pregnancy, birth, postpartum. I’ve worked with midwives and supported friends and family through labor and birth. Now, I’m working to support the business side of the providers that are actively involved in birth. I love what you do and I want to see your business succeed.

Client Reviews

“I was desperate to find a CPA that understood the birth world. After a disastrous relationship with my last CPA and thousands of dollars worth of mistakes I wanted someone who would listen to me and know how to fix the issue. Amanda worked tirelessly to not only fix an entire year’s worth of mistakes on QB’s but set up a totally new system to start the year off right. So thankful for her expertise.” ~ Jill Roper, CPM

“Amanda has been working on our books for the last year and I cannot recommend her enough! She is such a blessing to our business!!!”            ~ Bryn

Other Services


If you didn’t know what you were doing and your bookkeeping is a mess – we can help with that!


Are you realizing you need a better system and you want help setting it up right to begin with?


Have the time and inclination to DIY, but need someone to walk you through a few things?


Have you gotten super busy and behind on your books? Let us help you get caught up.

Accounts Payable

Need MORE taken off your plate? Let us manage paying your bills. We use a service that allows us to set up the payments – and you to approve them before they are paid.

Diagnostic Review

Need to know how good/bad your bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online is?

Package Pricing Plans

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