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How do I know I'm ready for a bookkeeper?

a.) You are pulled in too many directions and you know that you need to manage your time and mental resources for your calling, not your bookkeeping

b.) You tried another bookkeeper and felt like they didn’t “get you”, or understand why your schedule and appointments are dependent on not being at another birth

c.) Your office staff has not understood exactly how to use QuickBooks Online and haven’t been trained to accurately do bookkeeping – and you want to know your books are up to date and accurate

d.) If you aren’t quite ready for full-service bookkeeping, check out the QBO set-up package that includes set up and some personalized training

Are you an accountant/CPA? Can you file my taxes too?

No, we are professional bookkeepers, not accountants or CPA’s. It is similar to the difference between a Dr. and a nurse – we keep track and categorize your income and expenses and make sure that everything is accounted for (and nothing is duplicated) so that your CPA can give you tax advice and file your taxes more easily and quickly. We CAN co-ordinate with your CPA at tax time to make getting your taxes done more seamless.

Can you help with payroll?

If you are electing to be taxed as an S-corp, and your CPA is telling you that you need to be on payroll, yes, we can help you get your payroll set up through Gusto. If you are unhappy with your current payroll provider, we can also help you switch if Gusto makes more sense for your payroll needs.

What if I don't have a birth business, can you still help me with bookkeeping?

BirthKeeping has a sister business called Abundant Life Bookkeeping, reach out to see if we are taking new clients and are a good fit to work together!

What software do you use?

We exclusively use QuickBooks Online. Please know that QuickBooks Online is not HIPAA compliant, so you do not keep any of your client data in QBO. You will do your billing separately, and QBO will only track your income amounts and expenses.

I can't wrap my mind around how you get my financial info? Do I send you my receipts?

We try to make this as smooth and simple as possible – because we all know that birth professionals don’t need any more stress! QuickBooks online pulls in your business transactions from your bank. We categorize and reconcile those transactions, and send you a list of questions about unclear transactions once a month. As we get more familiar with your business and your typical spending, there are less questions each month.

You just keep track of your receipts for your records – the expense is already in your QBO file if it was purchased with a debit or credit card. If you used cash, we have a process for that too!

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