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Hi! I’m Amanda

I’ve loved birth and midwifery since I was 11 and first heard the word midwife. For 6 years before having my own children, I assisted a homebirth midwife in my area. She then went on to be my midwife for all 10 of my children! I’ve personally experienced the gamut of birth experiences; LONG labors, back labor, twins, water birth, emergency c-section due to cord prolapse, HVAC with my biggest baby, breech homebirth and then last – postpartum transport for PP hemorhage. My journey also included discovering I had IGT after having my first baby and the long process of learning what successful breastfeeding meant for me – including using at at-breast supplementer to successfully breastfeed all my children.

I love the Lord and live way out in the country with my wonderful husband and my 9 children still at home. Besides everything pregnancy and birth, my passions and interests include gardening, chickens, herbal remedies, coffee and learning new things!

Amanda Wylie

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